AFL England

AFL England Rainbow Round

July 8, 2017 – July 9, 2017 all-day UTC Timezone


We, in association with AFL London & AFL CNE, are proud to announce our “Rainbow Round” for games being played on the 8th and 9th July 2017. We will be working with AFL London to host a number of events across the Capital and supporting the AFLCNE with their efforts to show our solidarity in the face of homophobic abuse. If you, your club or your league are keen to be involved please get in touch with us here to speak to us about how we can support you in your efforts.

We urge all our member clubs and players to go to and sign their campaign which reads “I commit to make sport everyone’s game. I will show my support for LGBT fans and players on and off the pitch. If I hear anti-LGBT language, I will challenge it. I will work to make every part of sport welcoming of LGBT people.”

AFL England supports this campaign and makes this pledge to Australian Rules Football within England. AFL England holds a zero-tolerance approach to homophobic abuse and will punish those guilty of it to the full extent of its powers. We believe that the sport we love should be for all and everyone should feel comfortable and supported in this environment.

Therefore, we urge all players to don rainbow laces, all clubs to don rainbow flags and create events based around the support of the community to show our togetherness on the 8th and 9th July 2017. Let’s show the world of sport that we are for all!