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Talking IC with GB Bulldog Jack Coughlan

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After catching up with Swans Captain, Laura Turner, and Bulldogs Coach, Dean Thomas, it’s now the turn of GB Bulldog, Jack Coughlan, to give his thoughts on how things are shaping up for IC17. Team Manager, Jason Hill, caught up with Jack to get his thoughts about the upcoming AFL International Cup. Here’s what he had to say:

1. As a debutant to IC what are you looking forward to most?

I suppose just getting out there and experiencing it all, EC was at home for us and we’ve been to Dublin for a game recently, however going out to Australia is going to be completely different. Plus, I’m definitely looking forward to playing against some of the best countries in the world bar obviously Australia.

2. For you what is the key to bringing success to the Bulldogs at IC17?

Personally I believe building on the foundations and standards that we set during the EC and successfully integrating new additions to the squad.

3. What are you working on between now and IC17 now you’ve been selected?

Predominantly technical skills; in particular I’ve always struggled with hand-passing therefore that is a major goal of mine to improve over the summer. However it goes without saying we require a high level of fitness, therefore I want to push myself this pre-season and maintain a high level of cardiovascular fitness toward the IC.

4. Who would be your ideal match in Round 1? And Why?

I’m not really fussed who we play in round 1, but would quite like to face a random opposition that we’ve never played before.

5. Looking back at the European Championship what are your thoughts going back? And how will you take these experiences into IC?

The EC was clearly my highlight of last season, especially as Motspur Park was so local and several of my family were able to attend matches.

6. If you could build the ideal AFL player from your teammates what parts would you take and why?

Firstly, going to have to take Denton (Ross Denton) & Mylo’s (Myles Hudson) right and left pegs respectively, both can give it a big boot if required and can hit a flat kick to hands with ease. Hands would have to be a combination of Hastie (David Hastie) & Cash (Marc Cashman) as they rarely drop a thing. Also, I’d take a combination of Boothy’s (Luke Booth) & Ovi’s (Alex Overton) aggression with Nugget’s (Chris Britton) & JT’s (James Talbot) determination, due to the fact all are not afraid to do the dirty work and make a big hit when required. Finally, had to get him in somewhere, Walkden’s (Andy Walkden) step & speed would have to be included as it makes it difficult for any defender to get anywhere near him.

We look forward to hearing more from Jack, the Swans and the Bulldogs in the build up to IC17

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