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Talking IC with GB Swan Beth Bailey


After catching up with Swans Captain, Laura Turner, and Bulldogs Coach, Dean Thomas, it’s now the turn of GB Swan, Beth Bailey, to give her thoughts on how things are shaping up on route to IC17. Team Manager, Jason Hill, caught up with Beth to get her thoughts about the upcoming AFL International Cup. Here’s what she had to say:

1. As a debutant nation to IC what are you looking forward to most?

Pitting ourselves against the best nations in the world and putting GB swans on the AFL map.

2. For you what is the key to bringing success to the Swans at IC17?

Success is going to be a combination of things, it’s going to involve hard work, which has already started. Putting into practice all the advice we will get along the way from the management and a whole lot of grit and determination, perhaps digging deep to levels some of us won’t have gone to before.

3. What are you working on between now and IC17 now you’ve been selected?

I’ve been injured since January so for me, it’s building all the key components of fitness that I will need to allow me to play as much and as effectively as I can at the IC. Also as much game play as possible starting  with the Haggis Cup this weekend.

4. Who would be your ideal match in Round 1? And Why?

I’d take anyone, when we win it we will have to best everyone!

5. Looking back at the European Championship what are your thoughts going back? And how will you take these experiences into IC?

I think the biggest thing for me is the 1%s, we set our standards really high from the EC, but to be successful at the IC we are going to have to replicate that and a bit more, I think that will come from the little bit hugely important bits. Things like Fitness work now, recovery whilst there and knowing everything about your opponent.

6. If you could build the ideal AFL player from your teammates what parts would you take and why?

Chloe Hall’s – kicking for goal, Lucy Jones’ new found awesome strength, Rocky’s (Laura Tuner) work ethic and self motivation, Alex Saulter’s defending, Lea Cobham’s strength and my left foot (can I say that!!)

7. Who would be the biggest nightmare to sit next to on the 24 hour flight? And why?

Oh blimey that is probably me, I don’t travel well at all, looking for volunteers to sit with me, some of the Nottingham girls probably won’t after our trip to Las Vegas!!!

We look forward to hearing more from Beth, the Swans and the Bulldogs in the build up to IC17

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