AFL England

DSA The Official Training Partner of Great Britain


In the lead up to the AFL International Cup the GB Bulldogs and Swans will partner with the Dynamic Sports Academy as the official training partner of the Great Britain performance teams. GB players will be invited to train at the London Performance Centre or, for those outside of the city, through the Long Distance Program.

Lead Coach Adrian Klemens, himself an Australian, had this to say about DSA “We work with athletes from a range of sports, with athletes either training with us at our Performance Centre in Finsbury Park in North London, or via our Long Distance training programs, where athletes are sent personalised weekly training programs which include 3 strength and 2 speed training sessions. These are programmed planned per athlete to make sure they are peaking at the right time. This allows the athletes to let us worry about the sport science, and they just follow the program and see the results. Too many athletes when they do strength training, just use the equipment that is available at that time, or download random programs for the internet, whether they are relevant or not. They also don’t factor in important things such as central nervous system load, and often lift heavy every session, without properly rotating their training.”

Head of Performance at AFL England & GB Team Manager, Jason Hill, added his thoughts “DSA are the perfect partner for getting our athletes ready for the International Cup. We are keen for all our players to be peaking at the right time and creating a manageable workload, through a hectic season, to be ready both physically and mentally for arguably the toughest competition of their lives. We were keen to leave no stone unturned when finding the right training partner for the GB sides and believe we have that in DSA.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about how DSA can help you or your club please get in touch with Adrian on