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Play. Coach. Umpire. Support.



There is no better way to get involved than to learn the game by playing it. Check out our about Aussie Rules page and then try it for yourself by contacting your local club and getting down to training. No experience necessary; all clubs welcome complete newcomers. We were all in the same position once upon a time!

If you are a female or junior potential footy player, please see our relevant sections.


Playing days behind you, or always fancied yourself as a scholar of the game? Clubs are always looking for more input from the sidelines, as most are currently coached from within their own playing squad. If you are interested in being a coach they would love to hear from you.


There wouldn’t be a game if we had no umpires. If you want to give it a go, AFL England & AFL Europe run umpire workshops, while most leagues operate schemes where you can shadow umpires whilst you are still in the learning period. Another way to learn is to umpire a match in training, so why not pick up the whistle and give it a go.

Get in touch with AFL Europe Umpires if you are interested in hearing more!


Whether you want to come down and help out your local club by running the BBQ, raffle, or helping organise in some way, or just want to watch, we’d love for you to get involved. Check out the What’s On calendar to see what is going on in your area and beyond!