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ic02The tournament was first played in 2002 with 11 nations competing in Melbourne. Ireland defeated Papua New Guinea in the final. The other teams that competed in the inaugural competition were: New Zealand, Denmark, USA, Great Britain, Samoa, Nauru, Canada, Japan and South Africa.

GB Co-coaches: Michael Bolt & Martin Tunley 

GB Team Manager: Trevor Wright 


Terry Lovekin, Alessandro Attanasio, Andrew Norton, Phil Norton, Robert Cockburn, Tim Dillon, Miles Westbrook, Clyde Murray, Sam Dixon, Ben Rees, Paul Chaplin, Andrew Purcell, Ty Hallam, Allan Burchell, Dale Claridge, Shane Claridge, Justin Silverthorne, Martin Smith, Ron Wilkinson, James Sullivan, Iain Mobbs, Henry Simpson, Mick Whiles, Midas Maynard, Mark Hoffman, Adrian Gerolemou, John Boyle, Derek Shaw, Tony Bell, Padriac McKeever

2005 International Cup Final standings: 

1. Ireland 
2. Papua New Guinea 
3. New Zealand 
4. Denmark 
5. USA 
6. Great Britain 
7. Samoa 
8. Nauru 
9. Canada 
10. Japan 
11. South Africa

GB representatives in team of the tournament 2002-

JOHN BOYLE (Great Britain – West London)
BEN REES (Great Britain – Sussex)