AFL England

AFL England

AFL England are the National Governing Body for Australian Rules Football in England, working toward the promotion, support and development of this exciting sport. Currently made up of 3 league structures and an increasing number of affiliated clubs, the organisation works with league and club organisers to grow the sport and provide increasing participation opportunities.

Our mission:

  • To lead the growth, development and promotion of Australian Football in England
  • To work in partnership with AFL Europe in reaching mutual goals, maintaining similar values, while working to grow the game on a domestic level.

Company Details

Australian Football League England Limited

Company Number: 07227410

Company Registered in England & Wales

Registered Office: 16 Middlefields, Ruscombe, Reading, RG10 9DG

AFL History in the UK

AFL GB became AFL England in 2011, in a move to clarify the remit of the organisation, in cooperation with the SARFL (Scottish Australian Rules Football League), WARFL (Welsh Australian Rules Football League) and AFL Europe. Aussie Rules has seen organised league play in England since the early 1990’s, gradually moving outwards from it’s beginnings in London, to now include a growing number of clubs across the country.

At present, the following regional competitions operate across England:

  • Central and Northern England
  • London (Mens): Premier, conference & social
  • London (Womens)
  • South England
  • Universities

Each regional competition administers itself independently, with regular cross-competition tournaments around the country encouraging relationships between regions. Independently, AFL Scotland runs footy in Scotland and the WARFL runs the Welsh game.


Each country also runs their own national representative sides – England’s are the Dragonslayers (men’s) & Vixens (Women’s). The teams compete in annual tri-nation tournaments, as well as the annual AFL Europe Euro Cup, a 9-a-side tournament.

The best British players are selected to represent Great Britain Bulldogs (men’s) (GB Bulldogs) and Great Britain Swans (women’s) at the AFL International Cup and the AFL Europe Championships. The men’s team contested the original IC in 2002 and has not missed a tournament yet, achieving credible results and achieving a runners-up finish at the 2013 European Championships and winning it in London 2016 while the women made their debuts in 2016.


AFL England are affiliated to continental governing body AFL Europe.AFL Europe

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