AFL England


Aside from the generic suppliers catering to all, there are companies specialising in AFL equipment who are ready to meet your orders and get you kitted up. In no particular order, here are the companies that we’ve worked with, or that various clubs have alerted us to.

Shea Sports
Contact: James Shea
Footies, discounts for clubs affiliated with AFL England and for bulk buys
Shea Sports has been endorsed by the South East London Giants and England Vixens.

RAM offer a variety of products, including goalposts, scoreboards, footies and kit. Download their AFL guide for more details
William Eve, Sales Director
Telephone: 01372 722999

Offering a variety of kit and equipment options
Kukri Sports Limited
Tel: 01772 338899
Contact: Scott Gamble

High quality kit and equipment, suppliers of the Bulldogs and other national teams
Contact: Douglas Tsoi
General Manager –AU/UK | S-Trend Sportswear
t: +44 (0) 208 263 6101

Do you get your kit, footies, stash and equipment elsewhere? Please let us know so we can update our records and let other teams know too.