A Closer Look: AFL London Final Two Rounds

With just two rounds remaining in all five of the AFL London leagues, we at AFL England wanted to take a closer look at the Finals permutations. Who are already confirmed minor premiers? Who is cruising to a Grand Final? And who needs to pull their socks up for the last two games of the season?

First, a look at the Finals System:

Finals System: Men’s & Women’s Premiership, Men’s Conference, Men’s Social

Men’s Premiership


The top two in the Men’s Premiership are all but confirmed, with the Lions having an outside change of making it into the top two. The minor premiership is still up for grabs, however, with the Demons having a game in hand against the Wildcats at the top of the ladder.

The Lions are guaranteed a spot in the Elimination Final against either the Swans or the Hawks. Both of these teams have two left to play, but it’s going to be tough for the Swans as they go up against the top two sides in the division.

Permutations (Potential finishing positions)

West London Wildcats (1st or 2nd)
A win in their final fixture will all but guarantee minor premiership

Wandsworth Demons (1st or 2nd)
Must win both games and hope Wildcats lose to clinch top spot

North London Lions (2nd or 3rd)
Must win their final game and hope Demons lose both theirs to clinch second spot

London Swans & Wimbledon Hawks (4th or 5th)
Each team must better the other’s results in order to guarantee their place in the finals. If they record the same results, then it goes to percentage.

Women’s Premiership


Just like in the men’s division the top two in the Women’s Premiership are all but confirmed, with the Demons confirmed as 2018 Minor Premiers – Congratulations! The Lions come next, already guaranteed an Elimination Final, while the Hawks and Giants will battle it out for the final spot.

The Hawks have the advantage, but also have to face both the top two sides while the Giants play the Lions and the Wildcats.

Permutations (Potential Finishing Positions)

Wandsworth Demons (1st)
2018 Minor Premiers

North London Lions (2nd or 3rd)
Must win/draw one of remaining two games to guarantee second spot.

West London Wildcats (2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th)
Must win, hope Lions lose both remaining games and drastically improve their percentage to take second spot.

Wimbledon Hawks & South London Giants (3rd, 4th or 5th)
Each team must better the other’s results in order to guarantee their place in the finals. If they record the same results, then it goes to percentage.

Men’s Conference


There’s all to play for in terms of final positions in the Men’s Conference, with only last year’s Grand Final runners-up the Clapham Demons knowing for certain in which position they’ll finish in the ladder having been confirmed as 2018 Minor Premiers – Congratulations!

It looks like the race for the top four will go down to the wire for the other positions, with the battle for second between the Putney Magpies and reigning premiers the Shepherds Bush Raiders. The Magpies sit second for now, but the Raiders have arguably the easier final two fixtures.

There’s a huge fixture in Round Eight between the Regents Park Lions and the South East London Giants which will go some of the way to determining who takes the fourth finals spot. The Swans are not out of it by any means but will need strong performances against the Raiders and Demons if they are going to sneak into the top four.

Permutations (Potential finishing positions)

Clapham Demons (1st)
2018 Minor Premiers

Putney Magpies & Shepherds Bush Raiders (2nd or 3rd)
Each team must better the other’s results in order to guarantee second spot. If they record the same results, then it goes to percentage.

Regents Park Lions & South East London Giants (4th, 5th or 6th)
Each team must better the other’s results in order to guarantee their place in the finals. If they record the same results, then it goes to percentage.

London Swans (4th, 5th or 6th)
It’s asking a lot, but should the Swans win both remaining fixtures, certain results go their way and end up having a better percentage than both the Lions and Giants, then they sneak into the Finals.

Women’s Conference


The Women’s Conference finals system is slightly different, with the minor premiers earning themselves a ticket straight to the Grand Final. With this in mind, it may all come down to the Round 10 fixture between the London Swans and the Clapham Demons in the Women’s Conference.

Equally important will be the fixture between the Magpies and Wildcats to see who can take that vital third spot and be guaranteed finals footy.

Clapham Demons  & London Swans (1st or 2nd)
Win both remaining games to guarantee a place in the Grand Final.

Putney Magpies or West London Wildcats (3rd or 4th)
Each team must better the other’s results in order to guarantee their place in the finals. If they record the same results, then it goes to percentage.

Women’s Conference

Men’s Social


It’s all to play for in the Men’s Social, with three teams battling it out for a spot in the top two come the finals. The South London Demons have a bye in Round 10, so emphasis will be on getting a result against the Putney Magpies this weekend.

The Reading Kangaroos sit atop the ladder, for now, but face a pivotal fixture in their season against the Ealing Emus. Should the Roos win, then the top two will be confirmed and the Emus will have to make do with an Elimination Final against what is likely to be the North London Lions. Should the Emus win, then the Roos will start to look over their shoulders ahead of the final round.

Permutations (Potential finishing positions)

Reading Roos (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)
A win against the Ealing Emus will guarantee a top-two finish. Anything less and it could be a nervy final round for the Roos.

South London Demons (1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th)
Guaranteed a finals spot, but winning their final game won’t even confirm anything at this stage, with teams around them all with two fixtures to play.

Ealing Emus (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th)
A win against the Roos this weekend would put them in a good position, but even then it could all come down to percentage, with the Emus having the third best of those around them

Bounds Green Lions (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th)
Although mathematically they could be crowned minor premiers, it’s more likely that they squeak into the finals. They just need to win their match against the Roos on the final day of the season.

Wimbledon Hawks (4th or 5th)
Win their final match of the season and hope the Lions lose to guarantee fourth spot.

South East London Giants (6th or 7th) & Putney Magpies (5th, 6th or 7th)
Out of finals contention

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