Can The Mozzies Make It Six In A Row?

The AFL CNE season has kicked off already with an ANZAC Day clash between the Huddersfield Rams and the Manchester Mosquitoes.

And if that result is anything to go by, the Mosquitoes will be the team to beat in the north again as they ran out 195-point winners. GB Bulldog leading goalkicker Andy Walkden broke a club record in kicking 15-goals in a single match. Walkden was the leading goalkicker in the 2018 season and looks like he’s back for more.

The Mosquitoes were founded in 2005, and have won the last five AFL CNE titles. They defeated the Nottingham Scorpions 16.11 (107) to 12.10 (82) in the 2018 Grand Final.

The 2018 AFL CNE Team of the Year

And that’s the team they’ll be facing this weekend, just another Grand Final replay on the 11th May.

The two other teams in the league are the Wolverhampton Wolverines and the Huddersfield Rams, both of which ended last season on a 3-5 record. However, this year there seems to be a resurgence among the clubs and both will be looking to close the gap on the top two.

AFL CNE Fixtures

Round 1, 27th April (Huddersfield)
Huddersfield Rams 35 def. by Manchester Mosquitoes 230
Nottingham Scorpions ? vs Wolverhampton Wolverines ?

Round 2, 11th May (Wolverhampton)
Wolverhampton Wolverines vs Huddersfield Rams
Manchester Mosquitoes vs Nottingham Scorpions

Round 3, 25th May (Manchester)
Manchester Mosquitoes vs Wolverhampton Wolverines
Huddersfield Rams vs Nottingham Scorpions

Round 4, 1st June (Nottingham)
Nottingham Scorpions vs Huddersfield Rams
Manchester Mosquitoes vs Wolverhampton Wolverines

Round 5, 15th June (Manchester)
Manchester Mosquitoes vs Huddersfield Rams
Nottingham Scorpions vs Wolverhampton Wolverines

Round 6, 6th July (Nottingham)
Wolverhampton Wolverines vs Huddersfield Rams
Manchester Mosquitoes vs Nottingham Scorpions

Round 7, 13th July (Wolverhampton) – Lighting Round

Grand Final, 20th July (Huddersfield)

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