Are you looking for a role in sport?

Do you want to get in at the ground level and grow the junior grassroots of one of the worlds most unique sports?

These roles are currently voluntary roles but we will look to pay agreed out of pocket expenses with a view to moving to a paid role in the future.

You don’t need to be a qualified Australian Rules Football coach or have an encyclopedic knowledge of AFL. You just need fantastic personal skills and the ability to inspire a team.

If you’re looking for a job in sport then this is something you shouldn’t miss out on as becoming an activator will look fantastic on your CV and is valuable work experience.

If you are interested in applying for any of the following positions please contact us onĀ

Open Positions:

AFL England President

The main duties of this role would be:

  1. Leading the sport of Australian football in England
  2. Setting the longterm strategy for growth regarding juniors and age-group football
  3. Be the main contact point for the AFL and AFL Europe in England
  4. Help grow the standing of the sport among the wider English sporting community

Head of Competitions

The main duties of this role would be:

  1. Liaising with AFL England-affiliated leagues, including London, CNE, Southern England and the NUL
  2. Improve channels of communication between league officials and the NGB

Head of Finance

The main duties of this role would be:

  1. Develop budget
  2. Manage accounts
  3. Delivery P&L reports

Head of Junior Development

The main duties of this role would be:

  1. Finding and hiring the Leads for each AusKick Centre
  2. Administering applications from parents
  3. Organising and administering training for each AusKick Centre
  4. Liaising with Head of PR & Marketing on marketing plans (social media, school flyers etc)
  5. Reporting revenue to President and Commission
  6. Liaising with key suppliers (kit, equipment, AFL Europe)

Head of Women

The main duties of this role would be:

  1. Continuing the growth of women’s football in England
  2. Becoming the contact point for all women’s football inquiries
  3. Promote routes into the professional game (AFLW) in Australia

Social Media Reporter

The Social Media Reporter will help to keep our social media channels up to date with the latest information.