England Vixens

The England Vixens were established in 2014 in preparation for the Euro Cup in London. Making it to the final they were narrowly beaten by the more experienced Irish Team. In August 2015 the Vixens went to Croatia for the 2015 Euro Cup where they beat Denmark in the Final to be crowned champions. In 2016, 3 new coaches were appointed and a training session was held in London to select the team to go to Lisbon for the 2016 Euro Cup. 16 girls from 6 different teams made up the 2016 squad, who lost out to Ireland in the final. At the 2017 Euro Cup, the Vixens put out a stellar performance defeating the reigning International Cup winners the Irish Banshees to avenge their defeat 12 months prior.

In April 2018, former Wandsworth Demons coach Mitch Skelly was appointed as the new Head Coach of the England Vixens. Their team manager is Charlotte-Ellen Eales.

Tournament Honours:

2nd Euro Cup 2014: Ireland Banshees 5.1.31 def. England Vixens 4.2.26
WINNERS Euro Cup 2015: England Vixens def. Denmark Valkyries 54-6
2nd Euro Cup 2016: Ireland Banshees def. England Vixens 16-7
WINNERS Euro Cup 2017: England Vixens def. Ireland Banshees 38-14

All-time Record

Played: 19
Won: 15
Drew: 0
Lost: 4