Current Vacancies

Are you looking for a role in sport?

Do you want to get in at the ground level and grow the junior grassroots of one of the worlds most unique sports?

These roles are currently voluntary roles but we will look to pay agreed out of pocket expenses.

You don’t need to be a qualified Australian Rules Football coach or have an encyclopedic knowledge of AFL. You just need fantastic personal skills and the ability to inspire a team.

If you’re looking for a job in sport then this is something you shouldn’t miss out on as becoming an activator will look fantastic on your CV and is valuable work experience.

If you are interested in applying for any of the following positions please contact us on

AFL England President

The President is ultimately responsible for the sport of Australian rules football in England. A thorough knowledge of the sport across England is required.

Desirable Attributes

  • Be well informed of all organisation activities and able to provide oversight
  • Be able to develop good relationships internally and externally
  • Be forward thinking and committed to meeting the overall goals of AFL England
  • Be able to work collaboratively with other Committee Members
  • Be a good listener and attuned to the interests of clubs and leagues
  • Be a good role model and a positive image for AFL England

Key Duties

  • Coordinate activities within the AFL England committee
  • Chair Committee and General meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively
  • Act as a signatory for AFL England in all legal and financial purposes and monitor AFL England’s bank account in particular payments made
  • Serve as a spokesperson for AFL England when required
  • Submit an annual report at the Annual General Meeting
  • Assist in the development of partnerships with sponsors, funding agencies, local and central government, shared facility users and organisations that are relevant to the goals of AFL England

AFL England Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for effective administration at AFL England. The Secretary is the integral link between the national governing body and its clubs and leagues as well as between AFL England and AFL Europe.

Desirable Attributes

  • Good organisation skills
  • Have good computer skills
  • Be a good communicator
  • Be able to keep confidential matters confidential

Key Duties

  • Monitor all correspondence both inwards and outwards
  • Maintain records of the Committee and ensure effective management of AFL England records
  • Maintain an up-to-date copy of the AFL England constitution and other appropriate records
  • Administer all financial affairs
  • Maintain accurate financial records and prepare financial statements
  • Organise the annual renewal of the AFL England Public liability insurance

AFL England Head of Media

The Head of Media is responsible for updating the official AFL England Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages as well as providing content for the AFL England website.

Desirable Attributes

  • Knowledge of social media platforms
  • Interest in Australian rules football
  • Be organized
  • Have good computer skills
  • Be a good communicator

Key Duties

  • Create and adhere to AFL England Social Media Policy
  • Create and maintain social media pages, feeds and platforms
  • Increase visibility to interested parties
  • Promote the sport of Australian rules football both in England and Australia
  • Interact with members via social media channels including posting content, responding to posts, monitoring and generating followers.

AFL England Schools & Juniors Coordinator

The Schools & Juniors Coordinator is responsible for managing schools where the sport is currently played, and providing support to those who need it.

Desirable Attributes

  • Experience of working with children in education and sport
  • Experience in leading and managing of projects in areas of education and sport
  • Able to prioritise tasks, meet deadlines and work on own initiative

Key Duties

  • Build a database of schools where the sport is being played
  • Manage the introduction of Australian football among schools
  • Provide support for existing school schemes
  • Work to provide resources and equipment for school schemes
  • Encourage the setting up of new junior sides
  • Provide support to existing junior sides